Only39% of Americans believe the universe began with a huge explosion只有39%的美国人坚信“宇宙大爆炸起源理论”With the possible exception of is the earthflat?, it is (according to Discover magazine at least) the most basic questionin science: does the earth orbit the sun?除了“地球是追的吗?”这个问题有可能是个值得注意,那就是(最少根据探寻杂志)那个最基本的科学问题了:“地球是绕着太阳并转吗?”The good news is that 74 per cent of Americansknow the answer.好消息是有74%的美国人告诉答案。The very bad news is that means 26 per centreally dont.坏消息是,这意味著26%的美国人知道不告诉答案。These results, which appear in the NationalScience Foundation (NSF) survey of 2,200 Americans, will form part of a reportset to be presented to Barack Obama and lawmakers in congress, and are likelyto once again raise the issue of educational standards in the United States.这个结果来自于国家科学基金(NSF)对2200个美国人的调查,部分报告将递交给奥巴马和国会的立法者们,可能会再度挑动美国教育标准的问题。


Other startling results from the survey includedthat only 39 per cent of Americans believe the universe began with a hugeexplosion. And fewer than half of the people surveyed (48 per cent)agreed that human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlierspecies of animals.其他令人吃惊的调查结果还包括只有39%的美国人坚信“宇宙大爆炸起源理论”。将近一半的(48%)被调查者尊重“目前熟知,人类是某种远古动物演化来的”。Meanwhile, 51 per cent of Americans knew thatantibiotics dont kill viruses.同时,51%的美国人告诉抗生素无法杀菌病毒。


The study also demonstrated that a total of 42per cent of Americans thought astrology was either very scientificor sort of scientific.研究也指出,总共有42%的美国人指出占星术也是十分或有几分科学道理的。The survey, as reported by Agence France-Presse,is carried out every couple of years in order to analyse whether America ismaking educational progress.据法新社报告,这个调查每两年展开一次,以分析美国的教育否有了变革。Despite the somewhat negative findings of thestudy there is a significant glimmer of hope.尽管有一些负面的找到,但是也有一丝期望。

The survey revealed that nearly 90 per cent ofAmericans believed the benefits of science outweigh any dangers. 30 per centbelieve science deserves more funding from government, and around 90 per centexpressed an interest in learning about medical discoveries.此次调查表明,90%的美国人坚信科学的益处小于危险性。30%坚信政府应当在科学下有更加多的投放,小于90%回应对理解医学找到感兴趣。