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                Craft beer basic device introduction
                Beer house equitment
                Main Equipment:mash tun & lauter tun & kettle tun & whirlpool tun 
                mash tun:
                fix suitable jacket and mixer, create conditions for using low pressure steam while ensuring temperature rise rate, avoid coking
                large volume, as well as wort boiling, improve the overall system’s efficiency.
                2、  lauter tun:
                the racking machine assembly includes more diffident types of knives, providing highest lautering efficiency.
                increasing the diameter of the center circular construction has improved lautering efficiency and spend grains discharge speed greatly. Because of the center circular construction basic design, the mash will be filled into the lauter tun steadily and speedily, the wort will be circulated with low oxygen uptake.
                Set more suitable wort outlets accord with hydrodynamics principle, assure wort flows through piping etc. long wort collection ring, make wort collection steadily and speedily.
                Use specially designed raking arm to raise main shaft seal, avoid leaking to improve sanitation.
                Can be used as mash tun, meet a variety of process demands of craft beer.
                3、kettle tun
                With inner heater, jacket, mixer. This design makes the kettle tun can be used as adjunct cooker or mash tun, meet the special demands of craft beer process; benefit for heating low-temperature wort more.
                Inner heater functions to wort forced circulation
                Specially designed whirlpool tun bottom accord with hot trub sedimentation characteristics, combined with specially designed hot trub collection zone, can make the hot trub more closely and be discharged directly no need for swashing, avoid remixing hot trub into wort when we pump the wort to PHE.

                Fermentation tank

                All parts of INNOV beer fermentation tanks are made in top-grade certified stainless steel materials (2B or precise polish for available surface). All components are accordant to be made with the minimum thickness required by different countries. Insulations of un-press elements are made in 2mm-thickness stainless steel (2B or precise polish for available surface).Only certified materials and professional design and manufacturing technique can meet fine quality.


                1、dish head /60°cone bottom(60°- 90°)/ shell jacket(one or two sections)/ bottom jacket / insulation both on shell and bottom / with adjustable legs.

                 2、connections:PVRV/CO2 outlet/coolant inlet and outlet/Pt100/sample valve/ side manhole/CIP /wort inlet and yeast outlet /racking arm.

                3、optional: open fermenter / 6" connection for dry hop.

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